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Custom Mats

Built to your required specifications. We can build custom mats to meet your project's needs.

Laminated Mats

Used in the oil & gas, and transmission industries. Dense hardwood and steel bolts engineered for integrity and structure. Used in oilfield applications and decking. Ideal for light equipment an rubber tired traffic. 

Our Products

Pipeline Skids

Full-Sawn 4"x6"x48" dense hardwood pieces used as cribbing for pipe support in the pipeline construction industry. 

Crane Mats

Constructed with 12"x12" timbers creating a stable surface for Crane safety and support.

Inspection and Grading

At the end of your job sometimes you need a resource to inspect, sort, and grade your project's mats.  We offer a full team of equipment and mat experts to help you get your mats ready for sale or ready for the next project.

Bridge Mats

Bridging mats up to 40' long,  built with full 12" thick dense hardwood timbers. Built for strength to support the heaviest of equipment.  Used in bridging applications, crane support and heavy construction.

Used Mats

Offering used timber mats, laminated mats, bridge mats and skids. All of our mats are  graded to meet your job requirements. 

Timber Mats

Timber mats, also known as digging mats, swamp mats, and access mats.  Made from the densest hardwood timbers and steel with lengths up to 24'. Used as right-of-way access, swamp mats, equipment support, and decking.